“It’s not a NO, but a YES with proper measures” is how our Director of Security envisions the Security Team’s response to change.

Jesse Demaree has worked at Elevate for more than eight years, and during his tenure he has followed a self-described, ‘winding path,” having worked in eight roles across three departments.

Demaree said the amount of personal growth experienced these past few years would not have been possible anywhere other than Elevate.


“The exposure to a such a wide variety of technologies and perspectives have made all the difference, as well as the coaching and feedback I have had within all my roles,” said Demaree.

Demaree, a Western Governors University alumnus, began as a Service Desk Manager at Elevate. He worked this position for two years before moving to Internal Audit. Demaree’s time in these positions were formative.


“They gave me an incredible foundation to continue growing at Elevate.”


After that, he transitioned to be a Security Analyst and continued moving up within the security organization. Demaree’s experience within the field of security span from GRC Analyst to Engineer, Architect to Director.

Security teams in many companies are known as the “Office of No” and that attitude leads to Security being excluded from conversations. Demaree explains how the Elevate Security Team strives to be more of a business enablement group by providing guidance on the most secure way to deliver for the business. In practice, this looks like answering questions with, ‘yes, and this is how we can do it safely.’


“Our business enabling approach encourages other business and ET groups to engage and collaborate with us, which is super helpful.”


Looking ahead, Demaree applauds the resilience and focus of Elevate.


“A lot has changed at Elevate in the last year,” said Demaree. “But we are coming out of this tough environment a more tightly knit group of people and Elevate will benefit greatly from it.”


“As for me, I am going to keep learning and helping those that are interested in growing in their own journeys.” 

A big thanks to Jesse Demaree for taking the time to be interviewed and for his years of experience and service!