Our Brands

With millions of non-prime Americans living paycheck to paycheck who are too often turned away by traditional credit providers, RISE is a state-licensed online lender meeting their needs responsibly with unsecured installment loans and lines of credit. With features such as fast approval, flexible terms, rates that can go down over time, credit bureau reporting, free credit score monitoring and financial literacy courses, RISE is a path toward a brighter financial future.

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Many Americans live without a savings safety net to help manage life’s unexpected expenses. So Elastic, a bank issued line of credit, makes it easy for customers to access money as soon as the next Business Day. Customers can borrow as much as they need up to their Credit Limit. As payments are made, Available Credit is replenished. Elastic offers simple pricing without any hidden fees or prepayment penalty. Elastic made a commitment to responsible lending, so a portion of the Balance is due each Billing Cycle with any applicable fees. There is also a Cooling-Off Period designed to help customers on a road to better financial health.

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Millions of credit constrained Americans are in desperate need of a better product to meet their day-to-day credit needs. Today Card Mastercard is a first-of-its kind credit card that offers a prime experience to non-prime consumers. In partnership with Capital Community Bank and Mastercard, Today Card offers features previously unheard of in the non-prime credit space, including a mobile first experience, credit lines up to $3,500, credit monitoring and family line sharing. As Elevate’s first product with prime rates, Today Card continues our mission of providing customers a path to a better financial future.

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Industry Leading Analytics

As one of the first to develop a risk-based pricing model utilizing technology and risk analytics focused on the non-prime credit industry, Elevate is leading the next generation of more responsible online credit providers for the New Middle Class.

We call our unique approach segment optimized analytics and it drives each and every Elevate product.

Segment optimized analytics

Credit Scores
  • Customized to customer segment/channel
  • 12th generation scoring model
  • 10,000+ data inputs to model
  • Traditional & machine learning techniques
Fraud Scores
  • Targeted to unique fraud types
  • 2,000+ data inputs to fraud model
  • Machine learning & alternative data
Affordability Assessment
  • Unique to each product
  • Multiple approaches (including debt to income, payments to income and full budgeting)
Instant Decision & Line Offer
  • 95%+ of loan applications fully automated
  • Lines based on direct credit and affordability tests
  • Credit determination made in seconds
Fraud & Verifications
  • Algorithmic verifications
  • Fuzzy matching, cross-transaction fraud detection
  • Pattern matching and link analysis

Our Commitment to Responsible Lending

The Elevate Difference

We have a passion for serving the New Middle Class. That’s why our solutions deliver industry best rates and terms and more transparency to meet their needs today, and also tools that can help them to improve their overall financial wellness. Working with consumer groups and industry thought-leaders, we’ve included features that offer the most responsible, transparent, and convenient products available.

Product Features
  • Rates that can decrease over time on future loans
  • Know before you borrow disclosures
  • Flexible rates and terms
  • 5-day risk-free guarantee
  • Credit bureau reporting
  • Grace periods and hardship handling
  • No hidden or punitive fees
Financial Wellness

Our solutions offer a number of financial wellness and consumer-friendly features like tools that help consumers build good credit, learn new money habits, and familiarize themselves with common financial terms, helping consumers build a better financial future, one step at a time. Customers also have the ability to instantly check their credit with Credit Score Plus and watch educational videos from our online learning center.